Practical Standard and Custom Yurts With the Price Starting At $10,995

A yurt is a unique small house plan that might suit your small house living needs. That is why you will want to take a look at the Pacific Yurts site because when it comes to yurts, this company produces one of the highest quality designs. They have pioneered the modern lattice wall yurt, and that was only the beginning. Since then they have developed a vast array of custom yurt options to personalize and enhance your yurt according to your unique individual needs and building site requirements. Each yurt option has been extensively tested at their facility and on their own personal yurts. From energy efficient glass windows systems in their unique small house plans to beautiful French doors, they have the options you need to make your Pacific Yurt a truly unique space of your own.

There are many uses for yurts, from an artist studio to a guest house vacation cabin to full time living. You will also find these unique small house plans used at park systems and resorts worldwide as lodging in a vast range of outdoor recreation settings. And these are just a few of the wide variety of personal, business and government uses you will find these tiny house buildings. Yurts offer you the freedom to put your small house living plans into action, by providing a new way to meet old challenges. The Yurt is an adaptation of the beloved shelter that was used by Central Asian nomads for centuries and is still used by the remaining nomads today. The compact shape of the yurt and the combination of lightweight building materials means that the tiny house building is highly efficient in maximizing their strength while minimizing the use of building materials. The yurts from Pacific Yurts are a state-of-the-art version that retains its sense of wholeness of the ancient form of yurt while also delivering the structural integrity, the longevity and low maintenance that is demanded by modern users. These unique small house plans use the ancient wisdom of the traditional design and combine it with modern technology, for a structure that can be highly beneficial in providing a practical, eco-friendly and sustainable solution for a variety of modern uses.

The yurt is a durable type of tiny house building. Some of the pine frames that were used to build the Turkish yurts lasted 50 to 70 years. Yurts have also found success in campgrounds which speaks to one of its benefits, and that is in their ability to be close to nature. In a yurt tiny house building, you can enjoy the sounds of the rain and the wind but still stay safe, cozy and dry. You can hear the nearby animals and see the stars at night, but the yurt also provides adequate protection and comfort. Not only does a yurt bring you closer to nature, the unique small house plan is friendly to the environment. The building materials used for a traditional yurt are all recyclable, and because no permanent foundation needs to be used, there's no lasting impact to the site when a yurt is moved. The unique small house plan is also safe. You can get doors that lock, and even if someone pulls up the canvas sheeting of a yurt, it would be hard to get through the latticed wood. That also keeps the animals out, should you be living in a location close to nature. Yurts are also unique small house plan that is fairly inconspicuous.

You will find these unique small house plans at the Pacific Yurts site. On the site, you will find a variety of these tiny house buildings and unique small house plans, for all of your small house living and tiny house needs. **

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