10 Things That Might Make You Believe In Aliens

There is no denying that Aliens are an extremely popular, theorized lifeforms for the creative human interest. These extraterrestrial species have been talked about over and over, as well as debated upon especially the reality of their very existence. Though there is no absolute proof or solid evidence that has been shown to the entire population in regards to the real score on whether they do live among us or not. However, there has been countless small evidence that has been gathered and disseminated that we can all become aware of. These personal accounts do not solely belong to alien enthusiasts and experts alone. Some were made by ordinary citizens from around the globe who have claimed numerous and unexplained experiences of space travel and hypnosis that are almost impossible to recall at a given time in their lives. Even a genius such as Stephen Hawking stated that scientific numbers alone can tell that there may be an advanced, multi-intelligent race that are capable of colonizing Earth.

Perhaps all of these are real and perhaps not, but most stories have deemed their credibility of such cases told especially when these statements involve unusual sightings, objects, and ships that are obviously not man-made. One instance is the Roswell UFO incident wherein a retired CIA agent granted an interview with The Huffington Post saying that the debris collected from the incident was not that of a weather balloon but may be that of another planet. Also, in 2011, Swedish divers were able to discover a 60-meter circular object over a stretch at the Baltic Sea. Such accounts have been recorded and reported which apparently sparked the interest of numerous alien fanatics paving way to a list of greater evidence of alien existence.

In total, statements and small evidence of alien accounts are hundreds, if not thousands, in numbers, and perhaps what everyone is waiting for is a release of a major statement that indeed, Aliens are real.

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