Alien Abduction Lamp

Are you an alien lover or do you know someone who will appreciate this fun gift idea of an 'Alien Abduction Lamp'? This fun DIY project on how to build an alien abduction lamp will certainly be an object of discussion. So just how does this project get started. Well, you will need a few things to start this project. The basic thing that you need (and to me that is the most fun part because you can super specialized in this part), is WHO is going to get abducted. Lego men are an obvious choice, but maybe you have a small character that is more real or meaningful to you for whatever reason. Perhaps you have some small props to add to this part to make the scene even better, for example a herd of cattles could all be glued on...or perhaps a person out with their pet going for a walk. Really, whatever scene resonates with you the most when it comes to an alien abduction scene will work well. As for the alien, well be creative, the top portion of the UFO where he/ she/ they will be sitting can house just about any character you want. Of course, the obvious choice is a little green man, but as we now know there are hundreds of alien species that have been noted and therefore the opportunties here are endless.

The UFO portion of this do it yourself project is actually the pans that are found on your range (oven). You will need 2 of these about 8 inches wide.

If you decide to this project, it is worth buying double of the basics so that you can invite over a friend to help out. This is also a great idea for a birthday party where each person gets to choose their own alien and their own abductee.

So now what you have all been waiting for, check out the full detailed step by step at the 'Instructables' link below.

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