DIY - Tips On How To Build A Yurt In 4 Hours

A yurt is a tiny house building that can be built in about four hours. Imagine having a tiny house biulding that you can use for a variety of things to include guest houses, artist studio, full time living and more. A yurt comes as a kit in many diameters that may also include many optional features and can easily be put together by two people in four hours. For this DIY idea and tutorial, the yurt came from Pacific Yurts, but there are other companies you can by yurts from. The cost per yurt depends on the diameter of the yurt and the add-ons that you choose. The starting base price of yurts is around $4,670. The yurt in the diy idea is a 16 foot model with french doors, weighing 200 pounds and cost about $6,000. To build a yurt, you will need the yurt kit, one platform, a hammer, a drill with drill bits and screw bit, pliers, a knife, a step ladder and a pencil. For the full step by step DIY idea and tutorial for this tiny house building, you'll want to take a look at the Apartment Therapy site.

To start this DIY idea, you will first need a platform. The most complicated part building a yurt is building a good base, and this is a step that you might consider hiring a skilled carpenter for. Depending on the yurt that you buy, many kits provide good instructions on how to build a platform, and this step takes a few days and some lumber to build. It is recommended that you paint the floor with a few coats of high traffic floor paint before you raise the yurt. When you site your yurt platform, it's good to remember that while you want to give it a pleasing view, building it under some trees will help to keep it shady and cool during the summer months. A fully exposed yurt tiny house building can get so hot unless you insulate the roof that it will be too hot to spend time on sunny days. The second step for building this tiny house building is to unpack the yurt. Yurts come nicely packaged inside crates but are very heavy and well protected, so you will want to get it delivered as close to the yurt platform as possible and set aside enough time to extract it from all the packaging.

Yurts were tiny house buildings that were beneficial to Mongolian nomads because of their portability. The Mongolian nomads just needed a horse or two to help carry their tiny house buildings away, and smaller yurts may still easily fit into a car or a truck for a weekend camping trip. Yurts setup and take down is easy too, even for someone with no experience. Setting up a yurt can take as little as half an hour, though setting aside a few hours to build the yurt is more likely. While you could complete the building process on your own, it is easier to set up with a helping hand or two. Yurts are even easy to move once they are already put up, should you decide that a different patch of ground a few feet away would be a better spot. The yurt has successful at withstanding the elements, in Mongolia the yurt, has endured the rain, snow, wind and extreme heat. Because of a yurts low height and circular structure, a yurt is easy to heat with the fire in the stove and a few extra layers of insulation.

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