DNA Results For The Elongated Skulls In Peru Are In And The Results Are Absolutely Shocking

The long-awaited DNA results of one of Peru’s elongated skulls are starting to come in! The mysterious “Paracas Skulls” of Peru have been in the public eye for quite some time now, raising many questions – who were these people, were they human, and if they were – why in the world did they have such strangely elongated heads?

The skulls were discovered in Paracas, Peru in 1928, when archaeologist Julio Tello uncovered a sprawling burial ground. Within this ancient cemetery were many tombs, and in the tombs were the remains of over 300 people with strangely elongated skulls – skulls that were longer and larger than any known skulls ever found on planet earth. They were believed to be over 3,000 years old.

Over the past several years, researcher and expert Brien Foerster has fostered great interest over these skulls and has pushed hard for an intensive DNA analysis. Now the results are starting to come in and the results are shocking.

The geneticist conducting the analysis was not given the source of the DNA, so it came as an utter surprise when he found the sample had “mtDNA with mutations unknown in any human, primate or animal so far.” While insisting a great deal of work must still be done to discover the entire DNA sequence, he does say the few bits he was able to sequence show this is a “new human-like creature” never seen before.

Where did these creatures come from? What happened to them? Why have they not been discovered in other areas of the world? Much mystery and controversy have surrounded these skulls since the day of their discovery, and now that the DNA evidence is starting to come in, it raises even more questions.

Brien Foerster insists we remain calm and exercise patience while waiting more conclusive DNA evidence to surface. But in the meantime, it’s difficult not to let our imaginations wander…

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