Top 10 Mysteries of Outer Space

Anyone of you here has a deep fascination towards Astronomy? “Oh yes!” “I love Astronomy!” *hugs* The feeling is so mutual guys. I love Astronomy. Anyway, here’s another question: Who among you here l ... read more

Top 10 Unbelievably Insane UFO Conspiracy Theories that Might Just Be True

Conspiracy theorists have proposed theories that are somewhat… like… different. “Just say it!” Ok, so conspiracy theorists have proposed unbelievably plus insane theories. Well, it’s really up to peop ... read more

Top 10 Greatest Alien Movies Of All Time

Any alien and film fans here? People, this article is certainly for you! For alien and films lovers like me, this is an ideal combination! Plus do you love awesome cinematography and directing? Perfec ... read more

Is This the Skeleton of an Alien?

When it comes to extraterrestrial mysteries, it is best that you see it with your own eyes first before you can believe that they do exist. Because we always hear stories of their existence, for more ... read more

Secret UFO Files

Do you want to discover more about UFOs, and alien existence? Well, these secret UFO files could satisfy your curiosity. Everything you want to know about these alleged contacts between the aliens an ... read more

NASA Secretly in Contact With Aliens?

Gossips about NASA contacting aliens are not new. A lot of speculations have already circulated among the public, and a lot of stories comes out of it. However, none of these predictions have been con ... read more

New Alien Footage Found. 19 People Died While

Aliens, when you hear the word aliens, what comes into your mind? People around the globe have different opinions in terms of extra-terrestrials. But have you ever wondered that during the time the Eg ... read more

UFO Squadron in Alaska

What would you do if you saw not only one but a squadron of UFOs? “Probably take a picture?” High five! I’d probably do the same and report it. That is the case in the next article we have here. Anoth ... read more

Quotes From Prominent Officials Implying An Extraterrestrial Presence On Earth

“Are there any aliens present here on Earth?” The existence of extraterrestrial beings here on our planet is still an ongoing debate. No one knows if they are here on Earth, watching and living with u ... read more

US DoD Have Confirmed The UFO Phenomenon Is Real

In a deep forest one December night of 1980 in bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, that was located not far from Ipswich, England, where the largest NATO air force bases were found at the height of an ... read more

Study: If We're Not Alone, We Should Fear the Aliens

According to new studies regarding alien life, we may be alone or if we are not, likely aliens would be in an acquisitive and resource-hungry state as we on earth are. Life on Earth has demoralized j ... read more

The Different Alien Races

Aliens? Who knows...but her is a list of the characteristics of five alien species that have captured the imaginations of Earthlings. 1. The Greys The Greys have greyish-dark, blue skin looks w ... read more

7 Signs You Are a Victim of an Alien Abduction

What would you do if you will be abducted by aliens right now? “Hmm, I don't know. But maybe I’ll let them abduct me. It would nice to travel in the outer space! I love joy rides!” Oh dear child, you ... read more

UFO Photo Taken at Van Lake in Turkey

In Turkey, a man claimed that he may have taken a photograph of a UFO nearby Van Lake, home of the Van Lake Monster. Gaziantep News reports they received an email from Ahmet Baygümüş with a UFO p ... read more

This Video of Alleged Alien Recovered by the Military is Going Mega Viral

Guys, what would you do if you found an alien lying on the ground? “I'll report it to the authorities.” “I really don't know what to do. I would probably call my parents. They'll know what to do next. ... read more

Multiple UFOs Streak through the Sky above Leicestershire

The spotting of UFO always intrigues and captures our imaginations. There are many documentation of sightings. We recall back on Thursday, December 11th of 2014, one eyewitness captured photographs of ... read more

UFO And Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum

The alien and UFO groups are humming with statements of extraordinary old Egyptian relics revealed in the previous Jerusalem home-based of the well-known Sir William Petrie, an Egyptologist, these ite ... read more

NASA Photo Reveals Strange And Unnatural Object On Mars

Interested to know more about a NASA Photo Reveals Strange And Unnatural Object On Mars. If you are like me, you probably have never heard of pareidolia. But nearly everyone has experienced a form of ... read more

A fish that looks exactly like the creature from alien

“What do aliens really look like, eh?” Have you ever seen strange-looking fish? “Yeah?” And have you seen the movie ‘Alien’? “Yes.” Well, it is possible that aliens look like this. Anyway, we really d ... read more

The Top Ten Best UFO Photos ever Taken

We need evidences to prove a certain point. Like the alleged alien existence here on our planet, we need proofs: videos, alien bodies, crashed alien space ships and pictures. But these top ten UFO pho ... read more

Aliens Are REAL Reveals Former Area 51 Scientist Who Insists They're Friendly And Helping Us

Boyd Bushman was an engineer for more than forty years and prior to retirement, he worked as a head scientist for Lockheed Martin. Afterwards, he has undergone several interviews regarding his curiosi ... read more

Top 10 Creepy Stories Of Alleged Alien Encounters

Hey, everyone! Any alien abduction stories you can share? “No. Thank goodness, I've never been abducted by an alien so far.” Well, that’s good news if I might say. “But I want to experience alien abdu ... read more

UFOs and Aliens in Ancient Art

The first illustrations of aliens and UFOs were carved on a mountain in Hunan, China. It was claimed to be 47,000 years old, which place them in the period of Neanderthal man, proceeding Homo-sapiens. ... read more

Are Ancient Aliens Really Futuristic Human Time Travelers?

History Channel, as we all know, has taught us a lot about Ancient Aliens and its speculations about who or what has been visiting Earth many years ago conveying advanced knowledge and technologies th ... read more

Pope Francis Says He Would Baptize Aliens

God, who created the whole world, is also the one who created the whole universe. We, humans, cannot count how many living creatures are present and residing outside the Earth and if those creatures c ... read more

Nasa Turns off ISS HD Cam When UFO Appears

I, myself, have never seen a UFO. Of course, I think it’s interesting, I would love to see one someday. But just as I am about to spot a UFO live on screen, NASA turns off ISS HD cam when it appears. ... read more

UFOs Flirting with Helicopter Over Rendlesham Forest | VIDEO

There are a lot of questions about the existence of aliens. Perhaps if we open our mind we will move one step beyond our primary question. It is time to make own research into it. In this video, you c ... read more

Alien Life Found Living in Earths OWN Atmosphere

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the existence of aliens? There is documentation of findings here on planet Earth. It is natural to do research and gather any knowledge about them, in case there ever com ... read more

Hovering, Twisting, Cigar-Shaped UFO Baffles Britian

I have always been fascinated about extra-terrestrials. I don't necessarily believe that there may be other intelligent life sharing the universe with us humans, but articles or videos discussing alie ... read more


Calling all cosmic and space enthusiasts, here are some fun facts that you probably won't be able to resist knowing especially when flying is involved. But okay, it is not you will fly and we are also ... read more
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