Is This An ALIEN SKULL? Amateur astronomer spots peculiar object on a comet

Many alleged alien existence evidences are circulating all around the world. There’s this so-called alien skull in Peru, the alien artifacts, and the strange humanoid skeleton found in Chile that made headlines ten years after it was found. The question is that are these proof enough to convince you that we are not alone in the universe? “Nah, I need more evidence.” Alright, so what about this news about an amateur astronomer who spotted a peculiar object on a comet? Would you like to hear about this intriguing news? If so, let me load your alien knowledge tank with some details about this another supposed alien stuff.

The amateur astronomer who spotted this strange object on a comet is Joe White. The strange object is seen in the photos of Comet 67p, which is also known as Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The image is taken from the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft during Valentine’s Day. White says, “I was sifting through dozens of Comet 67P images when I saw this stunning close flyby image.” The picture shows a “large pyramid shaped rock with what looks like the shadows of facial features.” Well, if you look at the image closely, the object looks like a face of some strange being. *silence* Anyway, the object is said to be an ancient skull, and it is also believed that it is as large as a building. *silence again* Who owns a head that large?! Can ‘it’ still carry that head? Well, according to Levi Winchester, the staff of Rosetta has named the strange object ‘Cheops’ after the largest pyramid in Giza in Egypt.

So, is this evidence enough for you to believe that aliens exist? *silence* *crickets* Alright, I can only hear your silence. If you want to know more and see the image clearly, just click Express’ website below.


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