Manitoba Municipality Votes No to Pot

As a provincial pot deadline looms for manitoba municipalities, a manitoba town has halted plans for marijuana stores in its community.

The rm of gimli has passed a resolution to say no to retail cannibis stores, at least for now.

Its believed to be the first manitoba municipality to make that decision.

we feel the government hasnt laid out a strong enough plan, mayor randy woroniuk told global news. were saying no, for now.

Council had originally planned to hold a meeting and hear from residents but instead, took it straight to a vote at wednesdays meeting.

Councils across manitoba have until december 22 to make the initial decision about whether or not they want to allow cannabis sales in their communities.

Woroniuk said the province is moving too quickly and without a plan.

if they arent sure about signing on to the 75 per cent revenue sharing with the federal government, how are we supposed to know what that means for the municipalities,

woroniuk said. it took 15 years to repeal prohibition and theyre giving us until december 22?

The no vote means the province will not issue licenses to retail operators in that municipality.

The mayor said the issue will be revisited when council sees more decisions made from both the provincial and federal government.

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