Not All Aliens Are Friendly

Aliens are believed to be multi-intelligent beings who can communicate through telepathy and have long possessed intelligent mind capacity. They are highly spiritual in nature, as many have described them to be. Putting much of that into consideration, it is fairly safe for one to say that a positive way of thought brought by human can significantly attract the exploiting mechanisms by aliens to the planet Earth.

Many have heard of a certain theory called 'Law of Attraction.' It is an innate ability of a human's mind power to generate a positive or negative energy towards him, bringing certain events to life according to the vibe of the kind of thought he processes regardless of awareness. An example would be being with a very easy-going individual who has an extreme positive characteristic and in turn achieves all the favors of the world through his radiating glow. A good frame of mind inspires the universe to reply with good events, and that would happen otherwise in an opposite reaction.

In accordance to such statements, given the spiritual characteristic of aliens and the very spiritual radiation the Law of Attraction processes on, few researchers would suggest that in order to captivate good-natured, galactic explorers such as aliens instead of the more aggressive ones of their kind to our habitat, we must be well-acquainted with being able to live on positive thoughts everyday. It may seem impossible that a positive vibe brought by a good way of thinking sends out a powerful message to the universe to bring about only the positive events to occur, but countless witnesses and experimenters have achieved great results up until present with agreeable credibility.

There are no bad aliens, only aggressive ones, and they have their friendly counterparts too. What the people of the Earth wants, if highly believable, is for us to be able to charm these aliens' more pleasant side to be free of rough, exploitative practices brought by them in the future.

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