Outdoorsy Couple Design 280 Square Foot Tiny House with Chefs Kitchen

Here's a tiny house that shows us how much you can fit into a small house design. Couple Vanessa and Jared wanted to be able to pursue their passion for travelling so they designed a tiny house on wheels that could accommodate their ideal lifestyle. Vanessa is a former chef who is in the process of getting her doctorate and Jared is a Navy, survival trainer. They wanted to build a tiny house, but they enlisted in the professionals on Tiny House Nation, a show dedicated to showing the process of designing and building a tiny house on wheels. One of the things that they wanted in their small house design was a chefs kitchen which the builders and designers delivered, as well as a vertical garden and grilling area outside. You'll notice how spacious they were able to make the living room because the crew made a custom storage couch for them where they can sit and also store shoes and other items underneath. There is also a little container garden inside with herbs growing in it. The kitchen includes a full-size gas stove with an oven and a range hood over top. They also have a fridge with plenty of space and lots of cabinets and countertop space too.

This small house design features two lofts which makes small house living much easier. One loft is used for sleeping while the other one is used for guests or storage. The sleeping loft has a standard bed in it, and they put two small windows on each side of the bed that both open up for ventilation and light. It's nice they did carpet in the master bedroom loft since when you're up in a loft, you're usually on your hands and knees ready to crawl into bed. Having some storage in the sleeping loft is also essential so that things don't get too cluttered in there. The bathroom in this small house design also makes small house living more approachable since it's such a nice size, with a shower and a washer and dryer unit. This bathroom is actually fairly large for a tiny house. While the full episode of their tiny house building journey isn't available on the Tiny House Nation website anymore, you can check out the photos of the home here. You can keep an eye out for the episode on the FYI Network, and you can catch other episodes of Tiny House Nation to get inspired by small house living.

If you can't afford to have a small house design built for you, you can also look into building your own tiny house too. While it is a lot of work, it's very rewarding because then you have a home that you own and you can live in or rent out to make extra income. You can also sell it eventually to someone else who wants to experience small house living. So instead of putting your money into renting you could invest it in a tiny house on wheels and have something that you own. Even parking your tiny house on wheels on someone else's land will save you lots of money on rent. Usually, landowners will just ask you to pay for the utilities you use and maybe a small land rental fee. You can put out an add on Craigslist or Kijiji looking for land to park your tiny house on in your area, and some people find some really great places to park their homes. The best way to get started on your own tiny house dreams is to start looking at small house design ideas and come up with a design you like.***

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