Spread Out in the Double Lofted Tiny House by Rich's Portable Cabins

Have a look at this double lofted tiny house from Rich's Portable Cabins. This is a larger small house design that would be great for small house living full-time or as a part-time cabin or vacation home. If you've been looking to buy a tiny house on wheels you may be wondering first of all, how much does a tiny house cost? There is no definite answer to that as it will all depend on the size and the style of the small house design. It's always best to call the company that you're interested in and see what their prices are. They will usually start with a base price for a tiny house, and then things can be added to that. For those who want to build a green tiny house on wheels Rich's Portable Cabins company will build to green specifications using materials like wool insulation and solid wood construction. But typically this company doesn't build green tiny houses. Another thing to think of when you're getting a tiny house of your own is that you will have to tow it, especially if you're going to be moving it around or travelling with it. The Camp Cabin can be pulled with a pickup truck. Mainly the 8 foot wide models are designed to be towed using your own vehicle, but some of the larger tiny houses will need to be towed using a heavier duty truck or a tow truck. For reference one of their typical full-sized tiny houses would weigh around 21,000 pounds and the small house designs without lofts would weigh around 18,000 pounds.

Should you need your tiny house on wheels to be off-grid, they can equip your tiny house with inverters with chargers and batteries. They can also install solar panels on the roof or mounted to a pole in the ground which will be turned to follow the sun. For toilets, usually composting toilets are used, and for water, they will give you water tanks and holding tanks. To have one of the tiny houses from Rich's Portable Cabins built, you're looking at around 8 to 12 weeks for it to be completed but this also depends on what other projects they are currently working on. If you wanted to have them design a tiny house for you to build yourself, they charge $1,500 for that. Then, you can save some money on the labour aspect of the build. It is very important to have a professional designer or builder design a tiny house though so that it is structurally sound. The company is located in North Powder, Oregon but if you want them to deliver your tiny house to you, all you need to do is pay for the transportation of the home. Usually, it will cost around $6.50 per mile so from Oregon to the East Coast would cost around $14,000.

Most of the tiny houses from the company come turnkey which means that everything you need to start using or living in your tiny house on wheels will be included. You can check out the photos of the classic double loft tiny house on wheels in their photo gallery of different tiny houses they've built. One of the great things about this small house design is the large patio on the front of the house which would be great for enjoying some outdoor time. They also used French doors leading out to the patio which helps to open the space up a lot. Enjoy looking through the photos of this great small house design and then look through some of the other designs while you're over there.***

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