This Huge Handcrafted Log Home Is So Marvelous That It's Impressive

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia handcrafts each world-class cedar log house to perfection to ensure your new wood cabin withstands the test of time. The company uses only the highest quality of building materials, and they carefully construct their log houses with distinct artistry and personality. Every log that they use to build their custom Pioneer Log Houses are seasoned and air dried to help control the shrinking and checking. This process helps them to create custom log houses that need very little adjustment and log house maintenance. Their logs are hand-peeled at their building sites using a drawknife, with all of the corner notches of the log house being hand-polished, and all of the logs in their log houses being dimensioned and then fitted precisely for the best performance and character. The logs or timbers and roof system on their log house designs are then placed strategically into your custom log house design at their log building facilities. The joinery int their custom cabin building is a true work of art, finished with an age-old European process. The preliminary log house construction of the Pioneer Log Homes log shell package is built on one of the log house company sites in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. For additional effect, the log ends in the log house designs are carved in the Alaskan finish, with smooth-faced Yukon finish, or gentle scrolled timber arches. Once every log house detail is built to perfection, and the log-only log house structure is complete, each of the logs are then tagged, numbered, and transported directly to your cabin building site. Every log is then reassembled into the log house along with the finishing touches to re-erect your dream wood cabin.

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia uses one of the most majestic trees that you will find in nature to help them build your custom log house. Western Red Cedar, has been a revered wood for centuries by the aboriginal people of the west coast for its legendary resistance to both rot and insects. Western Red Cedar is extremely durable even in the most severe climate conditions, and the wood is also an amazing insulator. All of the timber they use in their custom log houses is harvested and selected by Pioneer crews in the central forests of British Columbia, Canada. Pioneer Log Homes have approximately 300 loads of Western Red Cedar in their inventory at any given time. Their Western Red Cedar has quality, durability and beauty that is unmatched by any other log species. Their seasoned logs ensure the longevity and stability of every log house structure they build.

There is more Western Red Cedar curing in the Pioneer Log Homes yards in Williams Lake than there are in all the other log builders in British Columbia combined. Their impressive log inventory ensures that they have the type of log needed to fit the specifications of your new custom cabin building. Additionally, you can personally handpick the feature posts or logs for the specific areas of your new family log house. This is not possible with other log house builders anywhere else in the log house industry. At Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, they stand beside their choice in seasoned fibre. The company never use green or fresh cut logs. When they are building their log house designs, the wood quality has to be the best in the world. That is why they ensure every single log that they use on your new log house is stunning with unmatched quality.

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