Top 10 Ancient Aliens Mysteries

According to some studies regarding aliens and life in the outer space, there were creatures that were possible to have walked on our planet thousands of years ago. These creatures were believed to be ancient aliens. These findings are not something new because a lot of scientists now claim that they have artifacts and evidences that ancients have existed. Here are some of the top ancient alien mysteries that you must check out.

1. Angels and Demons- these creatures said to possibly be ancient aliens. There is a religion called Raelism that talks about more about this subject. They believe that our life on this planet are due to the influenced of some species from the outer space, and they call them Elohim. These creatures were believed to look like humans and oftenly mistaken for angels. The Bible has lots of written accounts regarding angels and demons. It is up to you to conclude whether they are spiritual in nature or extraterrestrials.

2. Men in Black- we are not talking about the movie, But I am referring to its mystery that relates to the movie's release. The formulation of their existence was after some claims about their sightings in a flying saucer back in the 1940s to the 1960s. For the past five decades, lots of UDO sightings have been recorded and in one of those sightings, some claimed that the men in black comes out of it. These were believed to be aliens dressed in black suits.

3. Angel Hair- this was believed to be a substance being left by a UFO when they visit our planet. They look like a cobweb, and many also claim that they saw the Virgin Mary after seeing this mysterious substance. No one has yet to say it is a fact, but the premise is intriguing.

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