Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Are Allegedly Alien

There are some researchers claiming that aliens have walked on our planet long ago. Such statements are not easy to prove, and we can all say that it is not hard to just disregard such claims and think of them as hoaxes and something that can only be seen in science fiction movies. But what if there is enough evidence that they visited our planet? Like what if they left some trails or things that could prove their existence. Will the human race now believe that itís impossible that we are not alone in the universe? Here are some of the artifacts found related to aliens. Take a look at them before drawing your conclusion about their possible existence.

1. Russian UFO Tooth Wheel- this is a 300-year old odd piece of artifact found in Russia by a man who lives in that area. It looked like a form of machinery shaped like a tooth wheel. He went to some scientists to help him investigate on what he discovered and according to them; they are almost sure that was made artificially, and it was also made of almost pure aluminum. It is questionable because a pure aluminum canít just be formed naturally, and mankind did not discover how to artificially create on until 1895, so itís possible that it is from aliens.

2. Stone Head from Guatemala- this huge stone head was found in the jungle of Guatemala. The stone was carved resembling a face of a Mayan or someone who has lived in that place. Another intriguing part is that its facial features didnít have any accounts in any history book. The experts are saying that the face carved on the stone looks like someone who represents an ancient alien civilization.

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